4th Trimester

postpartum doula care

Support and care for the newly mother, baby, and family. A postpartum doula offers an array of services for you after having your baby:

  • Support and care for mom post birth
  • Someone to talk to/ process 
  • Understanding Matrescence
  • Breastfeeding support
  • New baby care support
  • Help new mother take naps
  • Help new mother shower/ take a bath
  • Babywearing help
  • Help attend follow-up appointments and much much more!
  • Grocery pick up
  • Snacks or meal preparation
  • Fridge/freezer stocked
  • Breakfast/lunch in bed
  • House tidied up
  • Do laundry
  • Errand Runner
  • Coffee Delivery
  • Breast/pumping bottle feeding support 

The Fourth Trimester is the first three months after a baby is born where Mother and Baby are adjusting and bonding.

Kasey Connor is CAPPA trained postpartum doula.